Boiler Tube Cleaning
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Maintaining a scheduled cleaning program for boilers is essential to reduce costs and increase equipment life in power sector. Dirty boiler tubes -- whether the firetube or watertube type -- cause more fuel to be used and drive up heating costs. Inefficiency caused by dirty tubes also results in more frequent cycling of motors, blowers and other heating system components and can lead to costly repairs and replacements.



1. Chemical / acid cleaning methods can scar the metal creating a surface that quickly attracts build-up. This was done by circulating a cleaning chemical, often an acid, through the chiller to clean the tubes. Following are the disadvantages of chemical cleaning method.

  • Expensive

  • Potentially dangerous to personnel and equipment

  • An environmental and chemical sp

  • Time consuming, adding as much as a week to the end of an outage

2. Rod and brush cleaning methods were widely used in the past. This is a two step tube cleaning method whereby the operator first manually brushes out the tubes, then follows with a flushing of the tubes with a water hose. Often, the residue left in the chiller tube after brushing would dry back onto the tube wall before being flushed. All that work and the tubes were still dirty. It is time consuming, labor intensive cleaning method and can’t give satisfactory cleaning result.


In recent years of advancement, High pressure water jet pumps are used for this application. High Pressure Cleaning System leaves a smooth, residue-free surface without costly clean-up and disposal of chemicals. The cleaner the surface, the less energy required to operate efficiently.



  • Nuclear decontamination of fuel capsules, “U” tube exchangers, flash from preheater tubes.
  • Hand tools and equipment for power stations industrial cleaning
  • Cleaning coal bunkers, clarification and sedimentation basins, oil tanks, smokestacks
  • Cleaning and rubber stripping from flue gas lines, gas washers, desulphurisation plant, air and water filter
  • Cleaning conveyors
  • Decontamination of fuel ponds, tube bundles, pipelines, reactor machinery
  • Concrete scarification and cutting.
  • Hydro Test of Boiler
  • Cleaning of Cooling Tower









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