Golf Course Aeration






Golf course greens, fairways, and tee boxes suffer from burnup or dry out, due to lack of oxygen caused by high traffic compression and heat stress.



A portable PressureJet pump powered system provides fast aeration to compacted and heat stressed, high traffic greens, tee boxes and fairways




  • Low capital investment and operating cost.
  • Fast and easy, ride-on, one-man operation.
  • No downtime or lost income with immediately playable surface.
  • Reduced water and chemical consumption.
  • Immediate, effective relief for stressed turf.


Golf course greens, tee boxes, and fairways suffer the adversities of compaction and heat stress. Aeration and liquid volume injection provide an economical solution to this problem.


Injection of a liquid directly into the root zone from .5" to 8" deep will provide immediate relief. Multiple orifice nozzle tips are spaced 3" apart and can be adjusted on-the-go through an electronic controller. Adjustments can increase the frequency of jetting in 1" to 6" of travel.


Fluid is fed to the pump from a portable 100 gallon tank mounted above a set of rollers. These two 48" width rollers smooth the turf surface after the injection, leaving no surface contamination and permitting immediate grounds use.

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