Secondary Recovery - Flooding






Stimulate oil production once the natural well pressure is exhausted.



Use a high pressure PressureJet Pump to inject water back down into the oil reservoir to force out additional oil.





  • High pressure injection is an inexpensive process using the waste water to stimulate new production.
  • Eliminates dangerous and hazardous chemical reactionor expensive super heating process.
  • Dependable, low maintenance PressureJet pump performance reduces downtime and operating costs.
  • PressureJet pumps offer flexibility in pump size and construction.


Flooding is the least expensive and simplest method of enhanced recovery. It makes use of the unwanted waste water which accompanies the oil pumped from the ground, eliminates expensive chemicals or steam heating processes and meets E.P. A. regulations for disposing of the waste water.


Oil is pumped from the ground to holding tanks for the settling of sediment and separation of the oil from the waste water. The waster water is then re-injected back into the ground to increase the well pressure and increase oil output.
Every site varies in flow and pressure required and the quality of waste water. Many sites have brackish and corrosive waste water requiring stainless steel construction. The PressureJet pump provides the flexibility and dependability for this harsh application.

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