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Find a more convenient, economical and effective method to eliminate termites.



Develop a highly portable pressure injection machine equipped with a gun, injection lance and unloader, complete with a gas engine and chemical storage tank.




  • Portable, extremely efficient process.
  • Proven more effective in combating termites than conventional foundation drilling method.
  • More appealing to clients because of less mess and no structural affect.


Messer Pest Control Inc. of Des Moines, Iowa offers termite control and protection for homes and buildings in the Des Moines area.


The original method required digging around the foundation, drilling a series of holes through the foundation walls and pumping chemicals into the peripheral area. This system was only “satisfactory”, required considerable time, created a mess and left a concern for the integrity of the foundation.


With the cooperation of the local PressureJet pump distributor, Messer developed a portable machine to inject chemical faster, with better results and without attacking the foundation.


A lance is inserted into the ground along the foundation to a depth of 6-7 feet. The PressureJet pump delivers 11 ltr. (3 gpm) of water and pesticide at 41 bar (600 psi), enough to penetrate the soil a radius of one foot from the lance. Once the required depth is reached, the gun is shut off, the fluid by-passed to the holding tank and the lance is moved 18" away to the next injection location until the entire building perimeter is completed.

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