Boiler Feed Auxiliary Fual







Supplying auxiliary fuel during peak energy periods.



Use a PressureJet high pressure triplex pump deliver auxiliary oil supply to boiler.





  • Constant flow and pressure delivered.
  • Maintenance free operation.
  • Low horsepower, energy efficient operation.
  • Eliminates need for two pumps as with previous centrifugal.


On the 16th floor of a detroit office building are nine boilers in operation to provide both the heating and cooling requirements of the building occupants. Normally the boilers are fired by natural gas, however, during extreme weather conditions, both summer heat or winter cold, an auxiliary fuel supply is needed.


For these situations, a PressureJet pump delivers 83 ltr. (22 gpm) of fuel oil at approximately 28 bar (400 psi) up to the 16th floor to feed the boilers.


When the need for auxiliary fuel exists, the situation is critical and the pump must run without fail. The PressureJet pump has proven itself ready for duty during a complete heating and cooling season without need for service.

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