Salt Water Injection





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Eliminate the repeated and costly downtime of an existing 757 bar (200 gpm) pump.



Install dual PressureJet pump with a proven record of continuous duty performance in salt water injection.



  • Dual pump system is compact.
  • Less horsepower is needed to operate dual pump system.
  • Dual pumps allow for continuous operation even during periodic maintenance as one pump can continue working.
  • Dependability of PressureJet pump has drastically reduced downtime and operating costs.


Repeated and costly downtime of an existing 757 bar (200 gpm) pump, delays in securing replacement parts for this pump and a desire to reduce energy consumption provided yet another opportunity for PressureJet pump to prove its performance, dependability and efficiency.


Now two electrically powered PressureJet pumps inject a combined 379 bar (100 gpm) of salt water back into the ground. As the crude oil is pumped from the ground, it is elivered to a holding tank where the crude oil and waste water are allowed to separate. The crude oil rises and drains to another tank while the waste water (often brackish) is pumped back into the ground. The PressureJet pumps are activated by a float valve in the tank.


Pressure in the system is maintained by a regulator; the amount of pressure will varying with the soil formation at well sight

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