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During the recent buckman bridge expansion job on the I-295 Jacksonville bBypass, Traylor Brothers Construction used the Pressure Jet Syastem Concrete Buster system to separate the bridge deck from an existing bridge rail.

After removing the rail with a LaBounty Universal Processor, two additional lanes will be added to the side of the bridge by tying into the exposed rebar of the
existing span. By pre-separating the concrete bridge deck prior to using the Universal Processor, the existing bridge wall was removed without causing microfractures in the remaining concrete. The PressureJet system worked so well that the Florida DOT is considering specifying hydrodemolition for all bridge widening projects where economics permit.

Traylor Brothers Construction is very satisfied with their PressureJet Concrete Buster system stating that it did everything they were told it would do and more. They were able to remove an 8" (203.2 mm) wide section of concrete, 7.5" (190 mm) deep at a terrific rate.The PressureJet hydrodemolition system consists of the Model 4400 Concrete Buster robot and a 20,000 psi high-pressure water jetting system.

The PressureJet Concrete Buster efficiently separates the bridge rail from the bridge deck. Hydrodemolition allows for the removal of the bridge rail without causing microfractures in the remaining deck.











OBJECT : Concrete bridge; surface keying and exposure of subjacent reinforced steel prior to new concrete coating


TOOL : Rotating nozzle


MODEL : Ultrabar 10


FLOW : 9.5 lpm / 2.5 US gpm


PRESSURE : 2650 kg/cm2 / 2600 bar / 38000 psi


MOTOR : 60 hp



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