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Reduce the downtime while in the field, annual pump replacement costs, and irregular spray pattern on edge of field.



Replace “AG” pump with a proven performance PressureJet “industrial” pump.



  • The first and only PressureJet pump installed had five complete
  • seasons without any downtime or any repair costs.
  • Constant pressure provides uniform spray at each turn of the row saving chemical and assuring full coverage.
  • Serves as a pressure washer after chemical application adding life to the equipment.


Larry Siebert of Des Moines, Iowa, needed to do something to curb his escalating repair costs and downtime. In a close margin, weather dependent business such as Ag spraying, he needed a pump to apply Ag chemicals that was extremely dependable.


The PressureJet pump replaced his previous throwa- way pump and proved to be the salvation of his business. After four seasons, over 4000 hours and 2,5000,000 gallons of herbicide, he had not spent a dime on repairs or downtime.


Equipped with a regulator, he also saved chemicals and valuable profits because the system was capable of instantpressure at each turn of the row, assuring no wasted chemicals and no untreated soil.


Larry is satisfied that he paid the higher price for his pump because it reduced his costs and resulted in the lowest overall cost and the most value for his dollar.

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