Computer work policy

As all are aware company has its own format for internal usage, it is very essential to maintain the uniformity in communication and correspondence. Every employee can work only in his/her department’s folder.


No work is to done/ save in My Computer (C: & D: Drive), it is only meant for local Backup. All the work must be done in proper files/ folders. Kindly do not create any files or folders on the desktop.


Each dept. must maintain three folders, (KM, Old Work & Current Year) besides these folders there shouldn’t be any other files as per dept wise



It is very essential to update KM folder (Knowledge Management) as it is a guideline with steps and procedures to be followed to perform the job. It also helps a new or an existing employee to get acquainted information to various steps and methods that are used in the company. It provides information for the different types of work, which are carried by that particular department. All are requested to kindly check their KM folders and remove any unwanted folder/ file.



After the completion of the current year- we place that folder in old work as the old work folders / files are to be preserved for our reference. This folder is “Read Only” because one cannot make any changes in old work.


Current Year

It is compulsory to work only in the current year folder/file. Every employee manages his/her current year work in that particular folder as per his /her dept. folder. Employees are requested not to open any personal folder, All work has to be done in a file and do not create multiple file as multiple number of files or sub folders creates confusion and is time consuming when any of the data is misplaced or when searching for any work done, which you are not able to recall.

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