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 Fogging system  

PressureJet offers a complete line of brass and stainless steel pumps for misting, fogging, cooling and humidity control. Our custom cooling and misting systems are suitable for human, animal, poultry or agricultural needs. Our pumps can be ultra-compact, direct-drive units suited to portable, low demand misting, cooling or humidity control. Custom misting systems can be sized to handle any number of nozzles or with multiple pumps to come on with changes in demand. For dependable, low-maintenance, energy-efficient high pressure pumps for misting, fogging, cooling and humidity control systems, please contact us on sales@pressurejet.com


Questionnaire For Spraying / Misting / Fogging  Pump
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1)  Have you ever used fogging / misting/ cooling / humidification pump? If yes, please let us know the make, flow rate, pressure etc…   
2)  Please inform pressure / discharge pressure in psi or kg/sq. cm or bar or kpa.   
3)  Flow rate of the pump, if you know. in lpm or gpm or cu.mtrs per hour etc.   
4)  Please inform total volume to be covered.   
5)  Do you face any problem in existing pump or do you expect some features / accessories in your new pump?   
6)  How many nozzles are to be installed? What is the flow rate and pressure for each nozzles?   
7)  Please let us know the exact application i.e. fogging or cooling or misting or spraying or humidification?   
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