Water Extraction






To extract as much water as possible from fabric items such as linen, blankets, uniforms, shop towels, etc., in as short a time as possible.



A Ludell-Hydraxtor Extractor equipped with a  PressureJet high pressure  plunger pump supplies hydrostatic pressure which squeezes excess water from fabric items.




  • Reduces dry time up to 47% and significantly cut energy costs.
  • Shortened dry cycle and drastically reduced shrinkage.
  • Extracts more water than previous system.
  • Continuous-duty, low maintenance PressureJet Pump eliminates
  • costly downtime


Industrial and institutional launderers and textile manufacturers have a need to remove excess water from washed fabric to reduce the dry time and energy costs.


At this blanket manufacturer, the washed blankets are   placed into a sling which is lowered into a heavy-duty rubber diaphragm in the extractor tub.


The cover securely locks and the PressureJet pump unit automatically pumps 27 bar (400 psi) of water into the tub to compress the diaphragm and extract the excess water from the blankets. It takes two minutes to bring the system to full pressure and up to 30 minutes to do a complete water extraction.

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