Steam Power Boiler Feed






To power a 38 foot, 24 ton scale model of the famous “Pacific Northwest” tug “Tattose”.



To install a high pressure boiler to drive a two piston steam engine coupled to the propeller shaft to turn a 36” x 36” propeller and a 3000 watt stem powered turbo generator.




  • The light weight and compact size of the PressureJet pump makes it ideal for aboard ship.
  • Dependability and precise flow are primary reasons for the selection of a PressureJet pump.
  • Use of steam power eliminates noxious fumes from internal combustion engines.
  • The boiler provides enough power to drive both the main engine and the generator set.


O’Conner Engineering Company created this ship as ascale model of the historic Pacific Northwest Tug “Tattose”. This tug was christened “Well Stacked” and was designed and used by O’Conner Engineering todemonstrate the feasibility of steam powered craft for a variety of uses.


This tug has a PressureJet pump in the hull of the tug that is direct coupled to the engine with a Paraflex coupling. It is operating at 350 RPM, 350 PSI and delivering 900 pounds of steam per hour. The engine is a two piston, double-acting flow-through type with a variablecut-off valve gear and reverse. The condensers are located on the bottom of the hull next to the keel.


The ship is also equipped with a 3000 watt steam powered turbogenerator to supply electric power to the ship while steam is up, as well as to recharge the storage batteries so electrical equipment can still function when there is no steam.


A great deal of precision and energy went into the creation of this scale model tug. Virtually everything on the ship is one-of-a-kind, hand built, top quality.


To maintain the quality of this project and offer the dependability and performance in the system to power thiscraft, they selected the PressureJet pump.

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