Row Crop Spraying





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Find a dependable pump to provide an adequate water supply for an 18-row crop sprayer.



Install a continuous duty compact PressureJet pump enabling twice as much application in one half the time.



  • Self-contained system including water supply and chemicals.
  • PTO drive off the tractor is more economical.
  • More efficient and cost effective system: two seasons and no service required.


This farmer was down and out as his existing pump was no longer manufactured and service parts were slow in coming and sometimes not available. He needed a replacement and chose a PressureJet pump because of its proven performance record and reputation for prompt delivery of both pumps and service parts.


Since Smith and Johns Inc. had to do some modification to retrofit the PressureJet pump, they took this opportunity to modify the row crop sprayer. They extended the spray booms to 60 feet (30 feet on each side) to accommodate 112 nozzles total.


They apply the herbicides and insecticides at a constant 31 bar (450 psi) which is maintained by the system regulator and have a 40 inch spray pattern from each nozzle. With the modified Ag sprayer, 18 rows can be sprayed in less time and at a much lower cost than the old machine could spray eight rows.

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