No-Tilage Ag Injection







To find an effective, economical no-till fertilizer applicator.



Install a dependable, corrosion resistant, triplex plunger pump to inject liquid fertilizer.




  • It provides a “no cultivation” fertilizer application. The high pressure penetrates the soil and prevents evaporation of the fertilizer. Reducing the fertilizer waste provides a significant savings and assurance of greater crop yields.
  • He can apply 28% nitrogen at 30 to 150 units per square acre because the pump is corrosion resistant and lasts long under these conditions.
  • He can build a unit for one half the price of other fertilizer application units.


A triplex plunger pump which is PTO driven of the tractor to deliver 53 lpm at 155 bar to seven injection arms can be installed to provide an effective & economical no-till fertilizer applicator. These arms , each have a pivotal foot to adjust to the ground level and hold both the active spray nozzle, as well as, a selection of other nozzles for quick change to accommodate the soil and penetration desired.

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