Camshaft Cooling with High Pressure







Transfer of crude oil.



Install a high pressure, continuous duty high pressure pump to assure a steady flow.




  • Reduces maintenance cost.
  • Eliminates costly downtime.
  • Delivers consistent high pressure/flow.
  • Eliminates costly relocation or installation of new storage tanks


High pressure water jet pumps are used to transfer of crude oil (from the well site to storage tanks).


During transfer of oil, there will be pressure lost in the line due to long route and hence high pressure is essential to complete the task. High Pressure pump can deliver a consistent flow and high pressure to cover the line loss and still meet system requirements. The wells are pumping 24 hours a day and the oil company needs a pump to meet this demand. High pressure pump is a best choice because of its proven continuous duty performance and low maintenance. By installing this high pressure pump, one can eliminate costly downtime and repair costs vis-a vis other substitutes.

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