High Pressure Feed Pump for Splitting Process





MODEL                 TRN-75 (HD)


FLOW                   17650 lph @ 250 - 300 spm


PRESSURE           60 bar


MOTOR                 50 hp


TEMPERATURE    Upto 120 0 C


PROBLEM Rapid failure of gear pump used in hydrolysis process for oil splitting.



Use a PressureJet make rugged and reliable triplex plunger pump.

In Oleochem industries, oil (vegetable oil, etc.) is to be splitted and converted into crude fatty acid. This oil splitting process requires counter flow of oil and water at high temperature and pressure.


From one end, oil is fed into the splitting tower under pressure with the help of a high pressure triplex plunger pump through a heat exchanger wherein its temperature is raised upto 230 to 2500C.


From another end, water after passing through a heat exchanger and raising its temperature to 250C, is passed to the splitting tower under pressure by a high pressure pump.


Oil splitting process takes place under high pressure and temperature and counter flow of temperature and pressure. This process is called as hydrolysis process. Oil starts splitting into fatty acid and glycerol. The later gets mixed with water whereas; density difference separates the former being light in weight.

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